What is this page for?

This page is a tool to import all your Here Maps favorite places into Bing Maps (Windows 10 Maps app)
NOTE: You can't follow the steps below with your phone, you have to use a computer.


For years now Here Maps was the official Maps app on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, which included also the great Here Transit and Here Drive apps.
Windows Phone users were very happy to use them and Here became quickly popular. But as you may have heard, Here is removing their apps from the Windows 10 store.
They are now only supporting Android and iOS, leaving behind all Windows Phone users who will soon upgrade to Windows 10 mobile (if not already).
The new official app is now Bing Maps, simply called "Maps" on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. So don't lose your favorite places, follow the steps below.

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Warning: If you have more than 1000 favorites, click and read this!

Both Bing Maps web version and Windows 10 Maps app seem to have a limit of favorites (I call this a bug).
I advise you to NOT use this tool if you have more than 1000 favorites. Otherwise you could end with a broken app without any way to fix it except waiting for Microsoft to fix this bug (we can wait a very long time I guess).
If you import too many favorites to Bing Maps servers, the app won't be able to handle that and won't be able to display any favorites anymore.
So if you have more than 1000 favorites you really should delete some before.


Retrieve your favorite places from Here Maps

  1. Log in to https://maps.here.com (expand menu on the left side)
  2. Go to https://maps.here.com/api/collections/favoritePlace
  3. Right click Save as... (Firefox: Save Page As...)Save
    NOTE: Edge doesn't have this: use another browser (at least for this step)


Generate the script


Import your favorite places to Bing Maps

  1. Log in to https://www.bing.com/mapspreview
    Note: if you get the message: "The new Bing Maps Preview is not yet available in your market", go to www.bing.com (top right corner) Settings and change your Region
  2. On Bing Maps web page, hit F12 then go to Concole tab
  3. Firefox: type "allow pasting" first then erase these words or press enter before pasting the script
    Chrome: use CTRL + V
  4. Firefox and Chrome: Press Enter key
    IE and Edge: Click on(bottom right)
  5. Go to Network tab and wait all the HTTP requests named "Sync" are sent
    (With Chrome and Firefox ≈ 30 seconds for 150 favorites. IE and Edge are much slower)

    NOTE: In Network tab, all requests should end with a response 200.
    If you see some red lines with response
    , this is because of too many requests in a very short time.
    In that case you can refresh the page and run the script a second time to get the missing favorites.


Be happy

Resfresh Bing Maps web page or open Windows 10 Maps app, all your favorites should be there.
NOTE: to deactivate your Here Maps account go to account.here.com